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Being salt and light.  Reaching people worldwide.  Strengthening the Christian voice in the media.  Building bridges between faith and society. 

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20 aniversario Protestante Digital

A professional project with a missionary calling

Protestante Digital was born to strengthen the evangelical church in Spain and build bridges between church and society. Since 2003, PD has been a voice that sheds light on current affairs with an evangelical perspective. We bring the same vision to Europe through Evangelical Focus (our website in English, 2015) and to Latin America with Evangélico Digital (2018).

A project with…

A project to…

A project that bears fruit

What distinguishes us is that we don’t stand still. In 20 years, we have built bridges with society, empowered the talent of young people, connected evangelicals from different denominations and backgrounds, and extended our reach to be a global impact project.

… to be salt and light in our society

Your contribution helps us to continue shedding light on current affairs from an evangelical perspective.

…reaching more people worldwide

We impact thousands of people with a transformative message reaching countries without religious freedom.

strengthening the church in Europe

We provide a window into evangelical thinking and spread the work of ministries and churches in Europe.

Meet the team

We want you to meet the team behind Protestante Digital and Evangelical Focus. Many people have been key throughout these 20 years but the vocation, service and commitment of these four journalists to the ministry is what has made it possible to keep going over the last few years.


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We would like to tell you about our Patrons, generous hearts that periodically contribute to our support. Each monthly support is another step forward, building bridges, illuminating perspectives and strengthening the mission. Together it is possible!

RAISED OF 48,000

Or by Bank Transfer. Subject: “Donation Evangelical Focus”


All donations are received and managed by the Spanish Evangelical Alliance through its CaixaBank account.

Giving 10€ a month you make it possible

Join our Patrons and be part of the team that drives the work of Protestante Digital and Evangelical Focus. With 400 Patrons contributing 10 a month we would reach our goal by 2024.

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Learn more in our frequently asked questions.

Challenges for the future

A new news management system

A very important challenge for us is to update the internal management system of the website in order to be able to continue offering quality content.

Expanding the team

Communicating in the different social media requires specialization and time to improve our presence online.

Maintenance and security

Our information projects require specialised and constant attention.


Do you have questions? Over the years we have tried several things to try to ensure the sustainability of this project and the people behind it. Here we answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find your answer, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Advertising and sponsorships are one of the active sources of income in our projects. In 2021 we carried out an extensive improvement of the banner system. However, experience has shown us that this income is not enough to cover the costs. In fact, advertising accounts for approximately 20% of the annual budget.

Moreover, we apply a careful advertising policy: we never advertise content that could go against our Christian principles and values.

At Protestante Digital and Evangelical Focus we strive to ensure that advertisements are not uncomfortable or invasive, giving priority to readers being able to receive the message in a clean and coherent way.

Most of the media in Spain and the world are putting up “pay walls” which require the reader to pay to access their content.

We are a professional media with a mission vocation and we want anyone to be able to access our content freely. You can’t put the lamp under the bed to light the room: we want all our content to be accessible and shareable without hindrance.

Changes that involve a subscription system are not compatible with our current website system. Also, if you would be willing to support Protestant Digital or Evangelical Focus by paying a subscription, why not become a Patron and make a monthly donation?

It depends on the country of origin. If you have doubts, you can contact our office ( [email protected] or [email protected]) and together we can look for the best option.

Information for donnors in Spain only. Donations made through Pay Pal or Bank Transfer can be deducted in the Income Tax Return. 

  • The first 150€ donated have a deduction of 80% in the total amount of the IRPF.
  • What exceeds 150€ has a deduction of 35%.
  • Periodic contributions. A deduction of 40% (instead of 35%) may be applied provided that donations of the same or greater amount have been made to the same entity in the two immediately preceding tax periods.
  • The deduction has a limit of 15% of the net taxable income.

If you are a company, an entity, a Bible school… you surely will find people interested in your work in our media!

If you want to advertise your projects on Protestante Digital, Evangelical Focus, and Evangélico Digital, we have very good options for you. Just email Carla Suárez, who speaks English ([email protected]). She will let you know about our advertising services.

Do you still have doubts?

If you have any questions you can write to [email protected] or +34 623 033 241 (WhatsApp) and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest!

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